Sunday 5 June 2016

Dream Garbage

Today is garbage day. Actually, every Friday is garbage day except for those rare occasions when Christmas falls on a Friday and then it is on the following Monday and once we had to wait another week to have it picked up. We don’t generate very much actual garbage any longer, what with the kids making and dealing with their own garbage now, so we can afford to wait a week for pickup.

We can, but since I am paying for the service, I expect to get service. We also have a recycling bin ($8.50/month) and sometime in 2017 the city is rolling out a compost pick up ($6.50/month). The recycling is done on the same day as the garbage, but I understand that come 2017 the garbage will be picked up every two weeks and the recycling and compost every week. Well, I hope the compost will be picked up weekly or else our back alleys will be filled with interesting odours and attracting some of the less desirable wildlife. That’s progress.

Just a grumpy old man’s complaint….I already compost in my back yard and don’t see why should have to pay extra. They should reward me for years of keeping my compostables out of the city dump. There are things the city can compost that I couldn’t, and it will be nice to cycle everything back to planet earth I suppose. Things change, we adapt or die and then get composted.

Last night I was dreaming about garbage. It was my garbage bin, but for some inexplicable reason it held an amazing amount of stuff. There were the typical bags of rotting veggies and normal household waste of course. I noticed a human body and a few small animal carcasses, some auto parts and yard waste. You know…normal stuff.

The things in there that disturbed my dreams happened to be from my garage. They were items that needed to go into the trash, but I wasn’t quite ready to part with them. Small bits of wood, too big to throw out and too small to use. An assortment of metal that might have a use some day. There were some large sheets of card stock that I was saving to make patterns for as yet undetermined wood working projects. Louise had also thrown out my clothes! Not just some of my clothing, but all of it. I will admit that at least half deserved to be there, but a lot of those items had sentimental value for me.

The bodies I can live with, I’ll just cover them up with an old blanket so that the garbage man doesn’t see them and call the cops. Now, I will have to start collecting small bits of wood, a new assortment of metal bits and the worst part is now I have to go to the second hand store to buy new/old clothes that some other wife donated instead of tossing them in the bin. This is starting to feel like a nightmare…

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