Monday 13 June 2016

Lesser Beings

I have a theory that you don’t retire because you have the requisite number of years or the “right” amount of money, you retire because you have had enough of the bullshit. Young people can take the bullshit, but as you get older, your tolerance for bullshit lessens. Also, the young people have no other option. Of course you have to have the years and finances in order as well. I feel sorry for the kids that have a lifetime of working ahead of them and even sorrier for those who have to keep working due to finances. Thank God I was too lazy to look for a “better” job after I was hired on at the Post Office.

Today and for the past few weeks, I have developed a theory about dying. It is pretty much the same as the retirement theory, but with death you have little or no control over it. I often haven’t liked the presidents that the US have elected, but I knew that they were relatively intelligent and after all was said and done, they wanted what was best for the country. Oh, and their corporate puppet masters of course. With the rise in popularity of Donald (F**KING) Trump I have lost all respect for the US political system.

I haven’t always been a beacon of light to the gay community, but I have always felt that I don’t care or want to know what your sex life is about and I am sure that most sensible people feel the same way about my sex life. I don’t understand gay bashing and I sure as hell don’t understand why someone would want to kill random people just because they made him feel uncomfortable. It is a strange world that we live in.

In some ways I hope that there is a Heaven and that you have to justify your life and the things you spent that life doing when you die. I suspect that Donald Trump will be sent back and told “…in this life, don’t be such an arrogant asshole!” That guy that killed all those people in the nightclub I hope that in his next life he will get the opportunity to live an alternate lifestyle.

I’m starting to feel that I have had enough of the bullshit. I suspect that when I am judged I will be told that I should be more tolerant of other lesser beings.

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