Monday 6 June 2016

Karmic Points

I have been pretty busy the last few days. Not busy like normal people, but busy for me and my sedate lifestyle.

On the weekend I had the privilege to watch Hurricane at his guitar recital. He did really well, and I am so proud of him. Of course there is room for improvement, but I went expecting to spend most of the time with my fingers in my ears and looking for the closest exit point. There was quite an assortment of performers and some were pretty good. One little girl did an amazing rendition of Halleluiah, but I’m told she was a bitch in daycare so we shouldn’t like her. Other than her, I am allowed to like anyone. One little kid changed the music to suit his style. His style was crap it seemed, but he was thrilled and had a cheek to cheek smile.

I look forward to Hurricane having a successful career in music and keeping his Poppa in the best home that money can buy. Okay, I’ll be happy if he gets joy from the music and finds time to visit me in the home.

During the past couple of days, I have been getting ready to do battle with the high heat I expect we will have this summer. I went and bought a small air conditioner for the bedroom window, the price was right and I like to be comfortable when I sleep. Yesterday I spent a few hours making a frame to accept the machine. The frame has a screen for those days when fresh air is desired and today I put in a plexi-glass insert for those days when it will seem that winter is coming early.

I also installed the larger air conditioner in the kitchen today. I have had a few years experience and it goes in pretty easily. I should call Brendan over to help carry it, but he is busy and I want to do it when I want to do it. I had no problem and aside from serious grunting and huffing, but I do that putting on my shoes in the morning.

The thing about doing chores around the home is that they never end…never! You need to keep on top of the chores though or else when you finally do get around to doing the work it seems like…work.

My buddy is on a short vacation in Saskatchewan. I know, who in their right mind would go to Saskatchewan for a holiday? He has grandkids that are attending a dance recital and he is making lemonade by taking the trailer and camping for a week. Of course, he needs to get some donkey to water the plants, check the mail and cut the lawn. Guess who he picked? I’m just building up a few Karmic points; I suspect I will need them eventually.

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