Sunday 12 June 2016

Character Flaw

I don’t know, maybe I am just getting too old. I’m having trouble keeping up with pretty much everything now.

I don’t appreciate a lot of the new music, some I can’t relate to, not being a teenager in love. Some of it talks about troubles that I as an older, white, middle class, male just don’t have. Some of the new music is just plain bad, poor musicianship and even worse lyrics. I kind of expected that I would feel this way as I aged. I suspect that we relate best to the music that we hear in our formative years when our dreams are possible and love hurts. I remember that mom and dad liked the Big Band music, getting all starry eyed when a Benny Goodman song came on the radio. It’s nice to know that things don’t seem to change as the years roll on.

What I really am having trouble with is Facebook. I have always liked Facebook; it allows friends and family to share memories with their loved ones and good friends. I have a friend that is on Facebook just so that she can see the latest pictures of her grand daughters. That is how Facebook works for you.

Unfortunately, Facebook has changed into something that I am not really prepared to handle.

Business has realized the potential of reaching millions of potential consumers with a cute video that tugs at the heartstrings. I can block these “Suggested posts”, and I do. I suppose there are those that take advantage of the ads and buy something from those companies. Advertising agencies are always going to reach out in whatever ways that they can to sell, sell, and sell.

What also bugs me is that a lot of my “friends” aren’t really friends in the traditional sense. They are friends because they want as many people on their friend list as is possible and when they sent the friend request I didn’t know how to refuse without being rude. Now I have a lot of “friends” that play mind numbing games and want me to see how well they did. Some “friends” Think I need to see pictures and videos of every activity that their kids are in. Your kids are really only cute to family, to the rest of us they are just kids being kids. I really don’t care what your political views are because if I agree with you then you are a broad minded human being and if I disagree with you then you are just an uninformed asshole. Incidentally, there are more assholes on facebook than broad minded individuals.

I really don’t like those posts that attempt to get me to re-post if I want to stay on their friend list. Take me off, I won’t play that “please like me” game. I haven’t blocked you, so you still have some value to me.

To tell the truth, facebook is getting so full of crap that I just don’t think it’s worth checking it out any more. I still facebook (is it a verb?), but I have a fundamental character flaw, one of many.

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  1. Facebook is a load of crap and I never joined up when it was the thing to do, as many of my friends did. Nothing this 60 year old guy does is of any interest other people and that's just fine with me! B