Friday 1 April 2016

Torment The Cat

There is something that feels just a little off when you are sitting in someone else's empty house. I suppose it would be even more unnerving if you hadn't been invited to be there and the possibility of police intervention a very real possibility.

I have an invite just in case you wanted to know. My daughter and her husband are having central air installed and neither of them could be here for the service call. This is exactly the thing I envisioned myself doing when I retired. I am a useful tool when needed and a useless tool at all other times. Hmmmm.... That didn't come out right. I got here just a little early in case the guy/girl was ahead of his/her schedule; it wasn't as if my appointment book was filled.

The first thing I did when entering is to reassure Lola that she was a good girl and give her a good, long belly rub. Then I let her go out to take care of business, now, I just wait.

Houses have their own distinct personalities, and this one is semi-organized mayhem with music in the background. This is the place that Hurricane and Tornado hang their hats and race up and down the stairs calling out for Poppa to "come see...". Today there are no excited little boys showing me that latest Happy Meal toy, no mom serving or cleaning and no dad wandering around inside and outside the house catching up on those things that never seem to get done. No coffee or tea being made and no conversation going on. It is just quiet!

The only thing actually moving is the timer on the stove that is flashing "4:16" over and over again. I would fix that for them if I could, but to tell the truth I have more than a few flashing digital numbers in my own home that I don't know how to deal with. There is a steady hum from the refrigerator and eventually, the furnace will probably kick on. There is a half eaten bowl of Cheerios which was probably abandoned in the rush to get to school and or work.

The cat just made his way up the stairs from the basement and is going up to the sleeping area of the house. Good, cats and I don't mix very well. They like me but I have an allergy to them and would prefer never to see them. I don't see the point of having a cat. Why not just buy a stuffed animal if you want a pet that ignores you? I have a lot of friends that own and love their cats more than you can imagine. They obviously aren't smart friends or they would own dogs who do appreciate everything you do for them and sometimes will drive would be burglars to the next house on the block.

Still waiting and I am starting to think I will be here for hours and hours. I hate servicemen. However, I don't have a lot to do and I came prepared with iPad, book, journal, newspaper and if I am bored with all of that, I can torment the cat.

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