Wednesday 6 April 2016

Not Stupid at All

So, today was the day for my blood tests, not last Wednesday. I consider last weeks trip to the clinic a trial run, not stupid at all. Nope, not stupid at all.

I was going to say that I needed to give them samples of my blood, urine as well as a stool sample, so I left them my underwear. I’m pretty sure that is in bad taste, so I won’t mention it.

Everyone gets tested every now and then, so I won’t dwell on my experience except to say that something needs to be done to shorten the waiting times. I made an appointment and got tested pretty quickly, but the waiting room was packed and I suspect some of those people would be there for a long time. There is no reading material, no real TV, just medical propaganda and nothing to decorate the walls or make the place look like it was built to deal with humans.

This is not a complicated issue; the solution is to hire more people. The more people that are doing the tests, the less time the people getting tested will need to wait. The woman that took my blood had trouble finding a vein (artery?) and had to literally take three stabs at it. Maybe she was new, maybe she was tired, and maybe she just didn’t like the look of me. I tried to be pleasant, but I have trouble keeping a smile on my face when being used as a pin cushion. No real complaints but I hope the new government can do something about our healthcare systems difficulties.

I went to McDonalds for a coffee afterwards and it seems that they were having a job fair at this particular location so there were lots of local high school kids milling about. I like to watch people, watch how they interact, check out their shoes, clothing and hair style. I’m really just looking for weird so that I can entertain myself.

Today the thing that stood out was the style of pants that the kids were wearing. They looked kind of like very poorly made riding pants to me. They fit very snugly to the calves and just above the knee they ballooned out and looked very loose. A couple of the guys were wearing them half way down the ass. Some had built-in wrinkles, kind of like horizontal pleats. The pants did not look comfortable at all.

I am by no means a fashionphile, but these kids looked really stupid. I know that my parents thought the same thing about me and my buddies for wearing “labourer” clothing, jeans and t-shirts. I still dress the same, but now it is the accepted norm. These new tight legged, baggy ass pants are no doubt the height of fashion and I bet they look wonderful on a select few stunningly beautiful people. They would look good in a burlap bag. Everyone else should go home and put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

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