Tuesday 5 April 2016

Eat Dust Bunnies

It is said that cleanliness is next to Godliness. I don’t know who said it first or if anyone still says it now. I suspect that some bible thumping neat freak came up with the saying to justify their sick obsession.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the smell of people who wash their bodies, hair and clothing. Well, perhaps it would be better to say that I don’t like the smell of people who don’t wash their bodies, hair and clothing. I don’t go around smelling random people, that would be weird and FYI the mall security will ban you from ever returning to Marlborough mall if you are caught smelling people…so I’ve heard.

I like to drive around in a clean car, but it isn’t worth going to a lot of effort to clean your car if it is just going to get dirty the minute you leave the car wash. In Canada during the winter you rarely can drive 100 metres before the car has road grime covering it again. Sure some people say that they want to clean off the salt before it eats away the metal. Before the salt eats the metal? The closest ocean is about 1000 miles away and the amount of salt this city puts on the streets wouldn’t be enough for a box of movie popcorn. These people are borderline crazy and the border is way back behind them.

Now, I’m aware that I should do more house cleaning than I do and I probably would if it if didn’t get dusty all over again in a day or two. Now, either something is either wrong with the way houses are built or our standards need to be changed. What a colossal waste of time every week. I would design homes that faces the prevailing winds and when the wind was up you could lift up the front and the back of the house and let nature do the cleaning for you. Of course you would have to be more diligent about leaving important papers on the table and you would need to keep small children tethered to a supporting wall. I’d be willing to give it a try.

Anyways, I guess I had better end this and do some cleaning. Maegan is coming for a visit next week and Tsunami is scheduled for a sleep over on Friday night. Her mom and dad are pretty casual mostly, but draw the line at having their baby eating dust bunnies. Maegan is an adult and if for some reason she wants to eat dust bunnies that is entirely up to her.

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