Monday 28 March 2016

Stay Connected

For some reason my internet connection has stopped. I could understand if the connection was severed from all of the computers in the house, but it seems that my computer is the only one affected. What the hell is up with that?

Did the “internet” get together and decide that every now and then it will screw with me. Why would it screw with me? I’m a nice kind of guy; I hold doors for men, women and children even though I rarely get a “Thank you”. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt even when they are being complete ass-hats. Hell, I believe that most politicians actually mean well, even the ones that should be taken out and fed to the rabid dogs at the city dump. I keep my lawn more or less nice if your definition of nice is brownish green with a scattering of weeds. I try not to show my bigotry to anyone’s face, even though I understand that I am a product of my generation.

I suppose that there is something wrong with my computer…every now and then. Sort of like Donald trump isn’t always an asshole. Who am I kidding, Trump is always an asshole and the WWW is out to get me. Lucky for me I don’t have anything of value or even interest on my computer. Even my computer has no value, mainly because every now and then the internet connection will cut out. What thief worth his salt would steal a crap computer like this?

Oops…I am back online so I don’t need to write any more.

Have a good night and I wish that you stay connected.

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