Saturday 19 March 2016

Bring Cookies

I would like to think that the world is filled with magic.

For me the definition of magic is something that I can’t explain and when I ask smart people “…how can that be possible?” they don’t know either. Arthur C. Clarks quote “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” might apply. It might also be that I am pretty simple and willing to believe in the unexplainable.

Over a period of years I have come to learn how some very simple illusions are performed, and although I now know how the coin disappeared or how the rabbit disappeared from the box, I can’t say I am happier for the knowledge. Truthfully, I was happier in my ignorance. I think most people are. Sure, some of us need to know how everything works and why it works, but I just like the idea that it works. I don’t care anything about electricity as long as when I flip the switch, the lights come on.

I read an article today about parents that play down the concept of a magical being that comes to visit one day a year that will leave gifts for children if they have been good…ish. I guess they feel it is important for the two and three year old kids to know where those gifts come from and that their parents had to make sacrifices and work hard to earn the money to buy those gifts. Maybe they feel that it is up to them to inform other gullible kids that their mom and dad have been lying to them for years, because little Johnny is going to tell his buddies that there is no Santa. Maybe those parents have somehow lost the magic themselves. Perhaps there was a point in their lives that was so traumatic that they feel the need to protect their child from the same hurt. Hmmm…

I have noticed over the years that people have been getting more and more grown up earlier and earlier. Being responsible and mature seems to be something to strive for no matter what the cost. The cost is shortening childhood which is far too short as it is.

I always liked being a kid. Sure I wanted to be able to decide when to go to bed, what to eat, stay out past when the street lights came on, whether to go to school or not and whether I should have to share my things with my brother. It was really nice to come in from playing in the snow and have mom make me a hot chocolate. It was nice to have mom make my favourite food on my birthday and give me presents. It was nice to be able to go out on Halloween and have total strangers give me candy. It was nice to be tucked into bed and kissed goodnight. It was nice to be loved.

It was also nice not to have any real responsibilities other than a little yard work and some tidying up the house. We have to become responsible too soon as it is. Personally, I loved that mom and dad made Santa real to me and my brother. I tried to make Santa real for my children and I hope that they are making Santa real for my grand children.

To me there is no question about real. I know the man and although he isn’t the Coca-Cola Santa; he is real, loving, kind, and generous, loves kids (mostly) and has a great sense of humour.

Someday, I will introduce you to him…bring cookies.

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