Monday 7 March 2016


I keep waiting for winter to come but so far winter has passed us by.

I'm okay with that, but I know the farmers could use some snow to bring needed moisture to their fields and the local ski resort is barely hanging on by a thread. The stores that sell snow shovels, snow brushes and snow blowers have taken a serious hit. The same is true for clothing stores that are now stuck with warehouses full of what will be “last years” styles. Not to mention all of the gloves, scarves and boots; which won’t sell until next year. I feel for the retailers and anyone that relies on winter to make a living.

There is a lot of snow in the mountains, so the resorts there have done pretty well this winter. With the pathetic Canadian dollar, the mountains have been inundated by American tourists that like the idea of a whole country at 30% off. The mailmen and anyone who works out of doors have had a banner year and the city snow removal budget has saved millions which they can put to use next year when we get double the amount of snow. Possibly. I haven’t used the snow brush on the car at all this winter. All in all, it has been a good winter for some of us.

Oh, I have heard the negative Nellies telling me that we will pay for the nice winter with a colder than usual summer. Summer in Calgary pretty much sucks on the best of years, so bring it on!

Of course there is the fear that this crazy weather is the result of global climate change which mankind has caused by centuries of neglect. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is true, but if it is true, then there is precious little we can do about it. There are a lot of little Dutch boys sticking their fingers in holes trying to stop the problem, but big industry needs to make a bigger profit every year don’t you know. I suspect that we are too little, too late.

The good news is that the planet has bounced back from disaster before. Of course 99% of the animal life was destroyed and this time will be the first time a species was aware in advance of their imminent destruction. Should be exciting! I hope that it happens far in the future to descendants that I have not and will not ever meet.

Maybe we humans will come to our senses, work together and make the effort needed to reverse the ecological damage and save our planet.


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  1. T shirt weather in February and March are a welcome thing! Watch out for that one big wet snowfall in April or May! B