Monday 30 November 2015

Speedy Recovery

My son-in-law is in the hospital tonight and I am informed that he is doing as well as can be expected after having back surgery. His back has caused him no end of pain over the past number of years and all parties concerned decided that they would do something about the problem.

We live in a wonderful time for the human race where they can replace faulty parts of the body and repair parts that need to be repaired. We haven’t gotten to the point where the repair is as good as or better than the original equipment, but that time is fast approaching. I am sure that Chris will feel much better in the future, just as long as he follows the doctor’s orders and doesn’t try to force his recovery. His wife is going to see to that, she wants her man to be 100% for as long as is possible.

I have friends that have new knees, hips, toe knuckles, teeth and in one or two cases, breasts. Okay, I don’t personally know anyone that has augmented breasts, but according to the tabloids there are quite a few walking around these days. I’m pretty sure that Chris will just get back stuff and avoid the front stuff. He was pretty dopey today, but I imagine that tomorrow he will be feeling much better. We hope.

So far, I don’t need any new parts…touch wood. There was a time when I thought my feet had been crippled, but that was plantar fasciitis and seems to have disappeared for the time being. My feet aren’t 100%. But after a lifetime of walking on concrete, I did expect some problems to crop up. I don’t think they can do much to fix me, but who knows what will be possible in the years before I die?

Well, I wish Chris a speedy recovery and with any luck this will just be a story to tell in a few months.

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