Thursday 5 November 2015

Dream Call

Sometimes I just hate dreams.

Take the one that woke me at 6:00 AM this morning for instance. I was in the process of cleaning the kitchen counter which had the usual dirty plates, butter dishes, crackers, half used tea bags and for some reason this morning, it was strewn with cut off bits of vegetables. I hadn’t gotten very far in my cleaning when the phone rang. I looked into the living room to see if Louise was going to answer it, but she was engrossed in whatever it was she was doing. Besides, it wasn’t the phone that was ringing; it was the big end of a carrot that was sitting on the counter. I picked it up and said “Hello?”

“Hi Ken, this is Jeanie P. I hate to bother you, but I wonder if I could ask you something.” The connection wasn’t very good, but I guess when you take into consideration that I was talking into a dirt covered vegetable, I didn’t have a lot to complain about. Jeanie sounded tired or sad and pretty faint. Of course this was the moment when the carrot stopped being a phone and once again became future compost. I didn’t have her phone number, and I wouldn’t have known how to dial a carrot anyways, but I was a little concerned.

Jeanie had almost never called us in the thirty some years we have know each other. Our kids are friends and through them we have met from time to time. Her and her husband are a fun couple and I have always liked time spent together. I can’t help but wonder what she wanted. Of course my mind immediately went to something horrible happened to her son or husband. I will have to creep on facebook to see if I can get any hints, like “So sorry for your loss.”, “If there is anything I can do for you.” That would give an indication if anything was amiss.

It could be something simple like wanting to leave their vehicle parked at our place while they went on vacation. That would be no problem and I could drop them off at the airport and pick them up when they returned. Their daughter lives in Calgary and I suppose it is possible she might need some help. She is quite capable, and has never needed help before, but I would help her if need be. Maybe they want me to pick something up for them at a store while the supplies last. I may never know why she called.

This is going to drive me crazy. It was important enough to wake me up and keep me up I might add. I wonder what is going on. If only Jeanie didn’t use a carrot to call me, it would have been better if she had used an apple product.

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