Tuesday 24 November 2015

I Am Getting Better

Yesterday a friend and I were having coffee and during the discussion on how the world should be run, he mentioned that in the latest Lee Valley Christmas catalogue there is a little device that helps you bend wire into any shape that you need. He has need of bending some wire to repair a belt. He told me that it was pretty cheap and was thinking about picking one up. I told him not to bother because I have had one for many years now and he is more than welcome to borrow it. I didn’t mention that bending wire is easy, but bending wire into the exact shape you need is the next thing to impossible. He can discover that on his own.

I just had to find it. I was pretty sure it was in one of two places. Either it would be in my main toolbox where useless items that might be useful sometime live, or in the toolbox I have for crafty things, tools and other odd stuff. I should have known that it wouldn’t be in either box. I think I hung it on a hook on the wall in my workroom. I spent a good half hour looking at the wall wondering why I didn’t hang the wire bender there. It would have been so easy to find. Now I remember, I had it in the garage and it is in a container on the shelf above the workbench. Yes, it was really cold, but how long could it take to search one shelf? I searched the shelf and the workbench several times each to no avail.

Over the course of the evening I was in and out of the house about ten times and had no luck at all. I searched everywhere. I went to bed wondering if I had somehow tossed it in the garbage, but that just isn’t my style.

This morning I went down to the workroom and sat looking at the walls once again. Nothing had changed overnight, the wire bending thing was still MIA and I was at a loss as to how I could misplace such an important tool. I looked down at a cash box that we used at a craft sale a few years back that was covered in dust. Since it was literally the last thing that I hadn’t looked into, I dusted it off and opened it up.

Yes, you guessed it, the wire bending thing was in that dusty old box. Well, at least I now have something to loan out and my buddy won’t be able to laugh at me for not being able to find it.

What intrigues me is why I thought that the cash box would be a good place to keep it. I’m sure that at the time it made perfect sense to put it there and I would be able to find it quickly and easily if ever I should have wanted it. I haven’t changed that much over the years; you would think that what was logical to me back in the day would still be logical today. Last night I found myself saying “If I were me, where would I put the wire bending thing?” The answers were all wrong of course.

I accept that my memory is fading, but now it seems that what I consider logical now must be fading as well. Perhaps the reverse is true and my logic is improving with age. My ears are growing, why not the brain cells controlling logic? Yeah…that’s it. I am getting better.

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