Wednesday 18 November 2015

One Eye Open

For those that are regular readers, I must apologize.

I have been hit and miss with the blog lately because I have been leaving it too late each day. In my mind I just feel that it doesn't really matter whether I put one out every day. It doesn't of course but I still feel as if I am letting the three of you down somehow.

I suspect that I will get back to being more or less regular in the blog and elsewhere, eventually. 

There have been things happening in the world that are pretty fucked up and I am trying to make sense of them. I'm not having a lot of success and even if I did stumble on a solution for world peace, no one would be interested. Too many of us rely on the global war machine to put food on the table and to put a table on the floor. 

No one really cares. Well, no one that can do anything about it.

On that happy note...good night to all and sleep with one eye open.

1 comment:

  1. Hey don't sweat it Ken ,if you blog every other day that's fine! Better something worth reading then just meeting a quota. B