Tuesday 3 November 2015

Except For You

On November 11th we honour the veterans who gave their lives and those that have served in the armed forces. That is as it should be. What is the saying…”Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” No one wants to fight another war. Well, the previous government did, but I suspect that was because war is really good for the economy.

We have boxes on the counters of small businesses, the lottery booths, coffee shops and numerous other places where you can drop a quarter, loonie, toonie or a bill of any denomination that you see fit to give. The money goes to help vets in need of food or special assistance. The government doesn’t do enough to help them, so help falls to an organization of their peers and charity. That is the way of the world.

In the recent past few years there has been an alarming trend of people stealing those little cardboard boxes. I don’t know what kind of low life scumbag would feel that he is somehow entitled to those few coins meant for the vets. I guess it takes all kinds. I don’t know if that is the reason or if the counter in my local Tim Horton’s is too small for the box, but there just isn’t one this year. That is pretty sad too.

Louise and I made an online donation for Remembrance Day at http://skbvideography.com/poppyfund/ . This way we can make the donation and no one can run off with the funds. Hopefully, the money will get where it is needed. I may still drop in a coin or two if I see one of the boxes, but if I don’t…

One other thing I want to talk about. I keep getting these well meaning facebook posts that urge me to not decorate for Christmas before November 13th, as it is somehow disrespectful to our veterans. What? How does one link to the other? I am pretty sure that up until I saw these posts I would never have put the two together at all. They are not mutually exclusive!

I live in a fairly cold climate and after mid October there are too few nice days that one can hang Christmas decorations without the risk of losing a finger or two to frostbite. If a nice day comes along, I am putting up those decorations. I won’t ask a veteran to help me, but if one volunteers then I will gladly accept the help. I’ll even buy him a coffee if he or she wants one.

I suspect that the people who post these messages are the same ones that are sick of the holiday music on the first day they hear it. They begrudge the whole season and in their small minded way they hope to slow Christmas down by a week or two. I have a suggestion for these people. If there is Christmas music in the stores, wear headphones! If you don’t like the idea of decorations before mid November, then don’t put any up. If you don’t like the holiday season, man up and don’t celebrate, you hypocrite! Mind your own business! If you don’t like to see my Christmas posts on facebook; un-friend me. I haven’t blocked you because I figure it takes all kinds of people to make this world spin and for the most part you aren’t a total asshole.

Well except for …you know who you are…asshole!

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