Wednesday 14 October 2015

They Deserve It

I am not really a sports fan. To be fair, I ignore all sports equally as a general rule.

When I was visiting relatives in Ontario who are sport fans, I spent time with them watching the Blue Jays win their division/league/ title/cup//ERA/RBI’s or whatever it was that led them to jump around spilling perfectly good champagne. I have to admit that the games were exciting and perhaps in another life I will become a big fan. You know that life where I have even a modest amount of ability and an equal amount of competitive drive.
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It was a lot of fun spending time with them trying to figure out why things are done the way they are done and not a sane way. I couldn’t very well ask questions even little kids know the answer to. Most of the time, I would smile and take my cues on cheering from the others in the room. Like I say, it was fun.

Surprisingly, I also was introduced to another sport that Mike and Sharon have just taken up. Lawn Bowling. Yes, I know what you are thinking, but it is a lot more involved than you might think. There are a slew of rules, most of which make sense when put in context. There are some that seem to be hangovers from days gone by when the world was a more mysterious and regulated place than it is now. The balls (bowls) aren’t even round! Mike and Sharon are having a great time and this is just their first year. Of course they have that competitive drive and more than a little athletic ability.
Oh well, next life I suppose.

Back to baseball. I found myself sitting in front of the TV cheering the Blue Jays on to win the best of five series. It was an exciting game and the seventh inning in particular will be one for the record books. Listen to me being all sporty and everything.

Ah well, soon I will return to normal; hopefully after the Jays win the World Series.

They deserve it!

Toronto deserves it!

They should at least have one winning team to make up for the pathetic showing the Leafs give year after year for the past 48 years.

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