Saturday 3 October 2015

A High Tech Ear Trumpet

Last night I attended the 50th Reunion Pub Night of my high school.

How was it? Loud, interesting and just about what I came expecting. I didn't know most of the people that were there because they had either graduated after I did or they simply weren't people I spent any time with. I was mistaken for someone that played guitar in a band back in the day which was pretty cool. It became less cool when I had to keep denying that it wasn't me.

"No, I wish!"

"I know it was you, you played the guitar with Brian and Steve!"

"Nope, I never learned how to play."


"I wish I had, but since my friends all played guitar really well I never felt the need. The girls were there at the parties so I never had to put any effort into meeting them."

"I remember seeing you plain as day!"

"Just how many drugs did you do back in the day?"

"You are sure?"

"Sadly, yes..."

It was at this point an awkward silence began and each of us looked at our drinks and eventually he kind of faded back into the crowd. Hmmm...

I talked to my buddies that were there and tried to listen for what they were saying, but as I said, it was really loud and the noise was playing havoc with the words directed at me. I did enjoy greeting a few people whom I haven't kept in touch with, but those were few and far between. I had hoped there would be more of them, but age and apathy kept them away from the affair. I don't really blame them, after all if you have managed to get through 45 years without any contact there just isn't a lot there.

Today was an open house at the school, but I really had no desire to see my old locker or that scratch I put backstage when the bike I was riding crashed. I wasn't much of a joiner back in those days and it appears I haven't changed a lot since then. There has been a horrible accident on the main highway between here and there so the commute would be a bitch.

Besides, there will be another one in 25 years and hopefully by then I will have gotten a couple of new hips, a bionic eye or two and a high tech ear trumpet.

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