Friday 23 October 2015

Early Morning

There is something intriguing about being awake when most everyone else is sleeping. It is like having a great secret all to yourself. Even if you tell someone how wonderful it is, they look at you like you are crazy.

I like to be up very early in the morning, it feels like there are endless possibilities stretched out in front of me. Today anything can happen. I suppose that has been true for everyday in the past, but there is nothing I can do about the past and a lot I can do about today. Even if I don’t do anything today, at this time tomorrow it is past and there is nothing I can do to change it. See, everyday is new and my options are varied and plentiful.

This morning I awoke around five o’clock. I have no idea why I woke, whether it was the furnace starting, a loud truck driving down the alley or one of my particularly loud snores. Whatever the cause, my eyes began staring at the darkened room which was lighted by the numbers on the alarm clock. Normally the numbers don’t seem so bright, but to eyes that have been derived of light for seven or eight hours the room was quite visible.

Random thoughts began entering my head. At first it was ‘why am I awake?’ but since there was no answer forthcoming, my brain started to move in other directions. The weather will be turning cooler in the next few days so today is the final harvest day for the carrots and potatoes. I should have done it yesterday because I could have gotten rid of the yard waste since today is garbage day. With the weather change there is a very good possibility for rain and or snow. That means I should get out the ladder and do a final clearing of the eaves. There have been leaves falling and blowing off of trees for the past month or so and I don’t want clogged eaves. Who does?

If I am talking about final for the season, I should do a final pass with the lawn mower just to get all of those blades of grass to the same height in order for them to have an equal opportunity to grow next spring. It is already too late for spreading fertilizer, well, that is what I am telling myself anyways. I should put the lawn chairs in the shed so that they don’t deteriorate any more over the winter. If they do, Louise will want to pick up new ones next spring and that can only cost money.

I decided that I will have too much to do to go on a bike ride with my buddy this morning. He likes morning rides so that he can get stuff done in the afternoon and I like to ride in the PM so that I can work in the morning when I am fresh and have a certain amount of energy. Today there will be no ride probably.

We have little Tsunami this weekend while her mom and dad get to go to a wedding. I have to prep the house for her arrival. She is never very critical except when it comes to her food, comfort and conditions in general. I need to dig out the playpen and find a bunch of stuffed toys for her to play with. Oh yeah, I need to move breakable or dangerous things at least three feet off of the ground. I should make sure there is a clean floor to play on and that all doors are safely secured.

Looks like it might be a busy day, I guess it s time to get out of bed and get at it…

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