Monday 5 October 2015


This has been the first day of our return journey. The visit was lots of fun and well worth the effort involved.

We struggled to get across the river of insanity called the McDonald Cartier Freeway, Highway of Heroes or 401. I am sure there are some intelligent people that can come up with a reasonable solution that will move people quickly and efficiently. Well, truly all that I care about is getting those thousands of cars out of my way.

Until that day comes when some idiot savant clears up the traffic woes of Canadas biggest city I have taken action. I will put twenty one hundred miles between myself and that highway. Sure, it’s a stop gap measure but it should work.

We made a pit stop to visit an old friend in Kitchener for an hour or so and then got back on the road. It was a too short visit, but I suppose it was better than nothing. Two or three hours later we crossed the US – Canada border at Sarnia. There we met the nicest US Customs officer we have ever met. You couldn’t say that he was a nice human, just that he was a nice…ish for a border guard.

There is a town in Michigan called Frankenmuth. Am I the only one that thinks that’s a stupid name for a town? Anyways, in Frankenmuth there is a place called Bronners Christmas Wonderland. I figured that it was going to be just another Christmas store like I had seen before many times. It wasn’t. I was lost four or five times and if not for friendly sales staff I would still be there. I really couldn’t it justice, you need to see this place for yourself.

If you are ever near Flint Michigan, just take I75 north towards Saginaw and head west at Bridgeport. Follow the signs and when you see the twenty foot Santa, you have arrived.

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