Friday 25 March 2011

Snow Day - Ken

I spent the better part of the day looking out the window at a beautiful winter wonderland. The highlight of the day was when the grader/sander came by our house.

Oh, I am sooooo ready to go right now! Well, I need to pack and there is a very good chance I will panic at sometime before we head out, but I have four days in which to do that. We are leaving our dog Buster to the tender mercies of Chris and Arwen who have graciously agreed to look after him while we are gone. There is an unmentioned but understood gift of macadamian nuts involved and an unspecified amount of babysitting owed. Buster should be fine with the grandkids and the two cats will more than likely ignore him, but Lola the Bulldog,  I am not too sure of. Sure she is just a big old goofy slobber machine for the most part, but in all of the Bugs Bunny cartoons Bulldogs are bullies. I just hope that when Buster escapes he doesn’t take a wrong turn at Albaqerque. Why did Bugs always go that way?

I always tend to over pack. What is the dress code during a tsunami? Oh right, torn underwear and a wife beater. Check! I think I am going to take my water purifier just in case of emergency. It has iodine in the filter so I will be protected against radiation while I am drinking purified water. I am not sure what Louise is going to do, because in an emergency it is every man for him/her self. Yeah, I am pretty sure that is how it goes.

Enough babble for now, I have to figure out if our new messiah will be tweeting and on facebook. There is a good chance that He will have a killer avatar.

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