Tuesday 29 March 2011

Aloha Eve - Ken

Well, seats are booked, bags are packed, timers are set and I am as knotted up as a rope at a Boy Scout jamboree. I’m not sure why I get so distressed about travel? I love getting on the plane and seeing just how three overweight people can wedge themselves into those tiny seats without being touched in a less than meaningful way. I love being in different places and talking to strange people about their odd habits. Perhaps that is why I get a less than stellar reception. I love trying new foods, well as long as there is no spice and it doesn’t look or taste weird.  It is great shopping at local stores like Wal-Mart, Safeway, 711, Sears, etc.

I don’t know, maybe I was born a two centuries too late. Can you imagine that instead of walking down a hallway and sitting in a tube with 200 or so strangers for 5 hours and then walking down another tube and being in a foreign country; instead you walk up a ramp and spend three months puking your guts out eating stale biscuits and brackish water only to arrive at your destination and find out that the locals need a sacrifice to their Gods. Hmmmmm…maybe I was born a century or two too early.

My brother called to warn me about the feral pigs of Hawaii. I told him that if anything is going to be eating, it will be me and not the pigs. We just dropped Buster off at Arwen and Chris’s place. I hope that he has a good time. I bribed my grandson to look after him and hopefully he will stay bought for the entire time we are away. I’m sure there is something else that needs looking after, so off I go.

I guess the next entry will be from either Vancouver airport or Hawaii. Aloha…

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  1. I hope they have improved that hell hole they call Vancouver Airport. The last time I went through customs there it was a cluster F*** I'm sure things have improved somewhat , but I do remember a real long walk from the WestJet gate to the U.S. gate real long!