Thursday 24 March 2011

The excitement is building

Ken showed me his bargain buys and luckily I was wearing my sunglasses when looking at them. Surprisingly, he did some pretty good shopping, even without my help.

The excitement continues to build and I actually have butterflies in my stomach whenever I think about Hawaii, which is pretty much 24/7. I have tried to improve my fitness to be ready for a week long paddling course and while I have fallen short of my goals, I have managed to keep working out on the elliptical, which is better than nothing. My coach had lent me her paddle machine from November to the end of February and I managed to get about 3 days of paddling in most weeks so hopefully the muscle memory will still be there when I take the course.

I was watching House Hunters today and the couple were looking to buy in Hawaii, where they were currently renting. One of her prerequisites was that there be a breeze. Wow - having a house located where there's a breeze seems like a unique need. They found the house they wanted and it did have a breeze. The husband said that should cut down on their utility bills - who knew a breeze could be so important?! I certainly will be comparing the comfort level of the various places we visit based on the amount of breeze. 

In 6 days we will be starting our Island Adventure...

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