Monday 2 February 2015

One of Those Nights

This is one of those nights that I dread.

I haven't had any success in coming up with an idea to write about that is even remotely interesting to me and I have pretty low standards. I thought about doing the blog about the difference between men of old and modern man. I thought that maybe just a free form babbleing would be kind of interesting. It wasn't. I thought perhaps I should write about my day, but it was a pretty uninteresting day.

I keep thinking of ideas and each one is less inspiring than the last. You don't think I have finally run out of things to day do you? That would be interesting. I kind of need to do this so I can pretend that I am being creative and keeping busy. 

Maybe I have gotten to the stage when I should just do a blog if I have something I actually want to say. Maybe I should just give it up for tonight and pick it up tomorrow.

That's what I am going to do. Talk to you tomorrow...

Just so it isn't a complete waste for you, here is a great pancake recipe that we have used for years. It is easy to halve and like I say, very tasty.

Fluffy Pancakes

2 cups flour                                                      2 eggs
2 tbsp. Sugar                                                    2 cups milk
4 tsp baking powder                                         2 tbsp butter (oil)
1 tsp salt

Add dry ingredients and blend together. Add the eggs, milk and butter (oil).

Add 1 cup of any fruit/ topping you like for a variation.

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