Saturday 7 February 2015

My Kids or Grandkids

I had a little trouble sleeping last night, so after lying awake for a while I got up and wandered around the dark house. I could see well enough not to walk into any furniture and went to windows on either side of the house just to make sure that no burglars, Ninjas or psychopathic killers were hanging around the house. We have one of those garden benches in the front of our house and whenever I wake in the middle of the night I fully expect to see a couple of people sitting on the bench, having a smoke and talking quietly. So far it hasn’t happened, but I will keep checking.

In order not to disturb Louise when I go back to bed, I decided to sleep in a single bed that we have for when Hurricane comes for a sleep over. It is a day bed I think, having a large headboard and footboard. It’s pushed up against the wall so you almost feel as if you are in a tiny room or cell with only one open wall. I find it quite comfortable and comforting in this bed. Buster tried to join me, but the way I was laying, there just wasn’t any place for him to get comfortable.

I kind of like small enclosed spaces for sleeping, it is like I am safe in a warm comfortable cave. I have heard it speculated that past life experiences can affect how we relate to things and situations in this life. Of course you have to assume that reincarnation is a real and possible alternative to heaven and or hell. I personally prefer reincarnation, perhaps that’s why I wasn’t terribly disappointed when I failed grade ten, I was just getting a “do over”. I am going to say that the reason I like sleeping in a tight space is that in a past life I either spent time as a monk praying in a tiny cell or a thief who spent a good deal of time in a cell. I suspect I may have been a criminal rather than a holy man. That feels right.
I have never been comfortable wearing a tie. It has always felt very constricting and I am continually trying to loosen it. I think that my past life experience would have been hanging from a gallows or just some convenient tree. Once again, it would seem to indicate a life of crime or just being the wrong race or colour. I’m told that the Mongols would tie a rope around the necks of their enemies and drag them behind a horse until the head came off. Once they had a nice, well worn head, they could play a rousing game of polo. I wonder if the word “polo” comes from Marco Polo’s uncle who went missing shortly after the Polo’s left Mongolia?
I don’t mind heights at all, so I suppose it is safe to assume I was never tossed off of a cliff or a skyscraper. I could have been the “tosser”, I do kind of like watching things fall from heights. I am told that my ancestors spent much of their lives on the oceans of the world. I don’t mind large ships that remain more or less stable on the water, giving me a solid steel buffer between myself and the water. When it comes to small craft that bounce and bob with every tiny ripple, I prefer to watch them from the shore. I will get in, but the whole time I am anticipating the moment I can get out. That seems to me to just be good sense as opposed to past life trauma.

I wish I could develop a past life inspired knack for making large sums of money. Someone has to be the reincarnation of Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Vanderbilt and John Rockefeller don’t they? I hope it’s one of my kids or grandkids…

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