Friday 27 February 2015

A Reminder

We all have heard that as one gets older, he begins to be a little more forgetful. If the person is lucky, it will be simple things like where did I put the car keys, did I pay that bill, why am I in the basement and finding that you have two cups of tea on the go at the same time. Less lucky would be finding out you have Alzheimer’s and your mind is slowly slipping away.

I am pretty sure that I am just getting a little forgetful, but there is always the worry about Alzheimer’s of course. No one in my family has a history of losing memory, but you never know.  I once heard an unsubstantiated rumour, devoid of fact from an untrustworthy source that cooking with aluminium pots can cause Alzheimer’s. I choose to believe it because it is better to have something or someone to blame other than yourself. Yes, I still have aluminium pots, but I don’t use them as often as I used to. Well, I can’t remember using them anyways.

It’s frustrating to need a word and not be able to call it up just when you need it. You are stumbling for the word and those around you think they are helping by attempting to guess which word you are searching for. If they would just shut up you might be able to dredge it out of the fog. Everyone starts thinking that you are either losing it or that you have indeed lost it. It doesn’t help when five hours later you shout out “MONITOR”. They really think you are nuts then or perhaps that you have Tourettes.

I have never been very good at remembering things. I still have trouble with how old I am and what the day of the week it is. I need to put birthdays, anniversaries and any other important date on a calendar or I am sure to forget it. If I am out with a buddy and he is looking for a certain tool that I may or may not have, I tell him that I’d look for it and let him know. Days later, the memory surfaces just as I am lying in bed and in order not to forget it again, I get up and look for the tool. I mean well…

This week, my daughter asked me to pick up Tornado from the day home and drop him off at his play school. No problem! I love spending even a few minutes with him where ever and when ever I can. I told her to give me a reminder call just on the off chance I forgot my obligation. Louise reminded me in the morning and that was the last I thought about picking Tornado up until my daughter called an hour or so after I should have picked him up.

She was concerned that something happened to me. She was relieved that I was safe and not at all concerned that Tornado missed his school. I did forget and that makes me worry that my memory is getting worse. Tornado didn’t care and he was safe at his day home. Missing a day at school isn’t a big deal for anyone. Well, it is a big deal for me and I just feel terrible. I don’t know how I am going to make it up to him, but I assume that donuts, chocolate and some plastic toy might just be involved. Maybe I will win the lotto and take him to Hawaii with me. Just so long as I get a reminder to bring him back with us on the plane.

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