Monday 22 July 2013

Welcome to the World

I along with millions, perhaps billions of people welcomed a baby into the world today. This particular baby is destined to be the king of the British Empire and Keeper of the Faith. For now however, he is trying to get over the traumatic trip down the birth canal and seeking comfort from his mom and dad.
I don’t consider myself a monarchist, but I do think the monarchy is a good idea for the most part. Kings and Queens in this day and age are more PR reps for their countries and in my opinion are worth every penny they earn. I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t even begin to take on a role like that with the eyes of the world focused on my every word, action and mistake. In the old days, a king or queen would be able to have detractor’s heads cut off, but now they just have to take the harassment and criticism while waving and smiling.

I am somewhat divided as to which is more influential, nature or nurture. I don’t like to think that what and who I am is dictated by who my parents were. They are certainly in the mix, but I’m me…right? Sometimes when you find yourself saying the same things your mom and dad would say in that situation, you do have to wonder. When I look in the mirror and see my dad looking back at me or when I am having a belly laugh just like mom, I know that nature is showing up. I have inherited my mom and dad’s humour, honesty, good nature and acceptance of people for who they are not what they are. Okay, at this moment nature is weighing heavier than nurture.

I remember a story about our Queen who was riding in a procession when a car back fired. The people in the crowd ran for cover, the other riders had trouble with their horses and in general there was pandemonium. Queen Elizabeth quickly controlled her horse and sat waiting for everyone else to control theirs and for the procession to resume. For all she knew, someone was trying to kill her. I like a Queen that doesn’t panic easily.
Is she perfect? Hardly! Who is though? What I do know is that at some point in history, one of her ancestors had the strength of character or arms to seize control of a country, bring order to chaos and get enough people to agree that he or she was the best person to make national decisions. Most of our ancestors just had to bring enough food home to feed the family, pay taxes to their king and have a little left over to spend at the pub in the evening after work. Some of our ancestors gave their lives for their country, and all of them contributed to making their country great. I’d like to think that the blood royal is carried in this new baby.

For now, the baby is just a baby, and his mom and dad are just two happy young people going about their lives. Their grand parents are thrilled and so too is the great-grand parents. The baby will be living in a fish bowl soon enough and every minute of his day will be planned and choreographed. Poor little guy!

Welcome to the world and may the world welcome you.

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