Monday 15 July 2013

Summer School

I guess my mind is more active when I am looking at Busters ass than any other time of the day. Fairs fair, anyone’s ass can only offer a tiny amount of interest at the best of times, and even the most interesting ass in the world gets kind of common place after five or six years. That’s why my mind must be trying to think of anything else at all.

Today, we were walking past the high school and I noticed that the teacher’s parking lot was full and so was the student lot. Now, I know that school is out for the season and I kind of wondered why the cars are all there. Then, it came to me, summer school! It’s a pretty big school, but there seems to be a large percentage of the school population still in the school. Certainly there are as many cars now as there is during the regular school year.

Buster and I were wondering if there is any kind of correlation between who attends summer school and who drive cars to school. Owning a car is an expensive proposition and for a student to be able to afford a car, they must have after school jobs. I suppose in the wealthier areas of the city everyone and their dog would “need” a car to get to school, but this isn’t one of the wealthier parts of the city. Very few people drove their own cars when I was in high school, but I suspect their grades suffered from the part time jobs as well.

There is also the high cost of dating now as well. Even sharing the cost, it is still a sizeable amount if you go out on a regular basis, and when you are young and in love it’s far more fun to go out than to stay in. I haven’t even touched on clothing, accessories and electronic entertainment. A good phone plan would be a pretty big chunk of cash as well. I am sure that good old mom and dad kick in a certain amount, but as I said this isn’t an affluent neighbourhood and they are certainly limited to what they can give.

Yep, Buster and I are sure that most of those cars are there during the regular school year and Buster is pretty sure we are right about grades suffering due to part time jobs. Buster is pretty much in tune with today’s youth; after all he is really just a pup himself.

I remember going to summer school one year. I was pretty embarrassed that I had to go at all, and I was terrified that I would flunk out of summer school. Could you get any dumber than that? I didn’t have to worry; it seems that the teachers didn’t want to deal with us idiots any more than we wanted to deal with them. I should have known it would have been pretty easy, because they had to cover nine or ten months of curriculum in six weeks. Plus, even though I flunked the class with 44% that meant I only had to pass 56% of the class. So that would mean I only had to learn 28% of the stuff at summer school. That’s just over a quarter of the curriculum. Easy peasy!

Since I was going to summer school for Math class and I figured out all of those percentages, I could more or less coast through the six weeks. It was a little tougher than I thought it would be, but I think the teachers were told to pass us unless we were seriously retarded. However, if we were seriously retarded then we should be passed out of pity.

All in all, summer school was a pretty good experience. I met a lot of like minded people, and since I was in summer school, I couldn’t very well get a summer job (it would affect my grades), which kept mom and dad on the hook to supply me with a small amount of cash throughout the year. You know, it’s a shame I had to waste those ten months in class when I could do the same thing in six weeks of Summer School.

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