Wednesday 31 July 2013


Today, Louise and I were watching the Weather Channel and Louise said “Hey! Isn’t that Don?” I looked up too late of course, but thanks to the miracle of PVR’s, we went back in TV time and then paused at the appropriate spot. Sure enough, the guy on TV looked just like my buddy from Toronto. The only problem is that it was a news feed from Vancouver. I suppose that it is possible that Don would be in Vancouver, but the guy looked like he was texting and Don just doesn’t text. Well, I don’t think so anyways.

The only other explanation is that Don has a double and he lives in Vancouver. With 6 billion people on the planet, having a double is not unreasonable. It would be more reasonable if Don were Asian or Black, since they constitute 70% of the world’s population. However it is possible that Don does indeed have a doppelganger. Louise and I have wondered why the Germans have a word for a persons double, and have yet to come up with a viable reason.

It would be pretty cool if Don did have this person who he didn’t know. It could be that he and his twin brother were separated at birth, being raised on different sides of the country. I know Don’s mom and she would have kept both kids no matter what the circumstances. No, it probably isn’t twins.
What was it that Sherlock Holmes used to say? “…when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

I suppose that the guy in Vancouver could be Don. It could also be that the guys at the weather network screwed up and showed a Toronto feed with Vancouver written underneath. I may never know. Oh, I guess I could call him, but where is the fun in that? Maybe he’ll read this blog and reply. Time will tell.

When I was twenty something in Toronto, there was a guy like me hanging around. He looked like me (poor bugger), dressed like I did, he rode the same kind of bike that I did and he must have lived relatively close to me. My friends would often accuse me of ignoring them when we passed on the street. Those days were a might foggy and it was possible that I could pass them on the street, but I would never ignore a hello. That’s like not answering a ringing phone. Can’t be done.

I never met my doppelganger, but I would wager that he is a wonderful person with a heart of gold. So too for Don’s double. Maybe the next time Don and I get together, we might run into both of our doubles walking towards us on the street. I see no reason that they wouldn’t be friends too.

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