Tuesday 25 May 2021


I know that I am getting old and that the things I now care about I probably wouldn’t have given a thought about a few decades ago. Obviously, I care about COVID now and just two years ago if someone had told me about a global pandemic I would have said that I saw that BBC TV series from 1975 and I liked it even though it was more than a little dark. “Survivors” ran for two or three years and I actually own a copy. I haven’t watched it since COVID, because frankly it scares me shitless.


I like watching little kids more than I did when I had little kids, probably because I’m not to blame if something goes wrong. Even with Hurricane, Tornado and Tsunami, I can’t be held responsible for getting into trouble with them. It is the parents fault for trusting their kids with someone of questionable decision making ability. If it burns or can put an eye out, how can it not be fun?


I like all manner of tools. New tools that make working easier are exciting to own and using them make me feel that I know what I am doing. I don’t, but the tool does. I really love old or “vintage” tools. Those tools were made to last for craftsmen who would use them on a day to day basis. They couldn’t afford to go out and buy a new saw or plane if they got dull, they would never buy the brand again. The brands knew and therefore made quality items. That is why I can find tools that are 100 or 120 years old and still work much the same as they did when they were bought. To know that someone made a living with one of my tools is inspiring. I’m not inspired to work of course, but it is inspiring.


A couple of weeks ago our bread maker died on us. We have had it for twenty or twenty-five years and used it throughout that time rather sporadically. During the past few months we have used it to mix and knead the dough and we would then shape the loaves, let them rise and pop the loaf in the oven. That way we didn’t have that awkward hole in the bottom of the loaf from the mixing paddle. Anyway, it died and I let it go without trying to repair it.


By the way, if you have a Kitchen Aid mixer that craps out on you here is a link for a video that will help you to fix it.  



Glen and Friends cooking videos are really pretty good, you should try some of his recipes.


Okay, back to the subject. We ordered a new B & D bread maker from Amazon and got it the next day. I have no idea how they can ship and deliver that fast, but I think if has something to do with Jeff Bezos inventing a time machine and paying his workers minimum wage. What a prick!


This new machine has a timer function so I can set it to start in the middle of the night and have a fresh loaf of bread ready first thing in the morning. Pretty cool!


I know it won’t be around for some aging ex-hippie to use in 2121 and I suspect that it may not be around in five years but for $80 bucks it will more than pay itself off in a year or so.


Tomorrow I am eating a loaf of home (machine) made French bread.



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