Friday 19 May 2017


It seems that a large part of my life is spent waiting. I wait for the weather to change so that I can walk the dog. I wait for people to get ready to go and have coffee with me. I wait for my favourite TV show to come on or for the producers to make more episodes for me to watch. I wait in traffic because someone doesn't have a firm grasp of how to control a vehicle weighing two tons speeding along the highway at 130 KMH. 

I wait...I wait...I wait...

Right now I am waiting and watching the hands on the clock slowly turn and in a short while we will go out to eat. I am sure that when we get in the car we will wait at a red light or thirteen red lights before we get to our destination. When we arrive we will probably be told that we will have to wait for ten or fifteen minutes before we can be seated. Then of course I will have to wait for my dinner companions to decide what they feel like eating tonight. I of course will be starving and order the first thing my eyes light upon. The waiter will wander off and we will wait for the chef to make our meal. The only thing we won't be waiting for is the cheque. 

All of this waiting is because I am waiting for the day that my daughter Maegan is to be married. It was over a year ago that I started to wait for this and now it is days away. The venue is set, the catering is arranged, the clothing has been pressed and hung, most of the guests are either in the city or soon will be. Excitement is at a fever pitch. Days to go... 

Today is a down day and everyone involved is taking a collective breath before it gets crazy again. Tomorrow is a down day for me, more waiting, but others are welcoming soon to be in-laws to the city. My only job tomorrow is baby sitting Hurricane and 
Tornado while mom and dad pretend to be single while visiting some friends that now live in the Big Smoke. That isn't until tomorrow night so guess what...more waiting tomorrow. We may go and find something interesting to do. The nice thing is that we are spending our time with Mike and Sharon who are wonderful company.

I can hardly wait until Sunday when Maegan andRyan exchange their vows. We are all happy for them and wish them all the best in their new life together. They can't wait to be married and we can't wait for them to be married. It is all so exciting!

I just have to wait a little while longer...

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