Thursday 1 December 2016

A Three Inch Digital Fire

There are many ways to tell when we are getting closer to the holiday season. One sure way is that the stores have run out of winter clothing for kids. If you didn’t get those parkas in July then your kids will have to make do with last years coats or you will have to rely on the charity of strangers.

Today we received the first real snowfall of the year. It wasn’t much, about an inch or so in our neighbourhood and a little more in other areas of the city. It was accompanied by below freezing temperatures and the roads managed to ice up in spite of the best efforts of the roads department. That was sarcasm because the Calgary roads department no almost nothing about clearing snow and less about filling pot holes. The people driving on the roads have forgotten what it is like to drive in snow if they had ever learned in the first place.

The weatherman is predicting a heavier snowfall for this coming Sunday, so that means that I will be spending an hour on Saturday putting the snow tires on the Echo. Saturday and Sunday will also see the house begin to get decorated for Christmas. We are a little late this year, but things have come up and I have been pretty lazy. Oh well…

The sure sign that the holidays are in full swing is the holiday fireplace on the cable channel. It is a wonderful, bright, crackling fire that causes me to think back on all of the wonderful fires I have been a part of throughout the years. We like to watch it until the mysterious hand appears with a poker or tongs to readjust the logs and/or add a log to the fire. Over three million Shaw customers watched the Holiday Fireplace last year.

It seems that this year we will be able to watch the Holiday Fireplace on our mobile devices. Nothing says Christmas more than a three inch digital fire. Why not?

Here is a sample of the fire on youtube.

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