Thursday 2 October 2014

First of the Season

Well, I watched the first Christmas movie of the season today and I am writing this blog to a playlist of Christmas music.

Yes, it is a little early, but there is only 84 days 3 hours and 22 minutes till Christmas day. It wasn’t a very good movie, just one of those made for TV boy meets girl through Santa, fall in love, get angry with each other and then end up in each others arms thanks to old Saint Nick. Actually, it isn’t too early for Christmas. Perhaps for you, but I am ready all year long.

I have never understood those that say that the malls have seasonal music far too early, and the advertising for Christmas presents begins just after Thanksgiving. Of course it does! Christmas is the biggest money making time for businesses and they count on the money to make or break the fiscal year for them.

I just wish that I could shop this early, it would make the weeks leading up to Christmas just a little less hectic. Maybe I will do my shopping early this year. I should do some serious thought first about what would the perfect gift be for each and every one of my loved ones. Maegan is really good at giving gifts. She seems to get just the right thing every year. To be fair, her coming home for Christmas is the perfect gift and although there will be some missed Christmases eventually; I know she will always be here in spirit.

The other day I was thinking about what picture I should paint on the window this year. Normally I do a quick search of the internet and steal someone else’s idea and make it my own. The past few years I have included the grandkids names, but this is the first year they will both be able to read their names. Little Tsunami is still years from reading, but her name will be there on the window for all to see. I’m thinking Elves having a snowball fight with a couple of snowmen at the North Pole. Maybe Penguins riding on Santa’s sleigh would work. I have never done a Charlie Brown theme. Well, I guess time will tell.

We will be sponsoring a less fortunate family again this year. We never actually find out if they like what we get them, but you have to assume they do. I sometimes forget that Christmas isn’t everyone’s favourite time of year. If you are struggling to put food on the table, it must be hell to see what seems to be everyone else having the time of their lives. That is why those of us that can afford to give, should give. It is a magic time of year and we can all become the generous, giving people we wish we were all year long.

I think I should make a list of all the things I need to get ready before Christmas rolls around. Of course I will check it twice and there may even be a naughty and nice aspect to that list. In the end though, we are all pretty nice and deserve to be spoiled with all the love and joy of the coming season.

Have a Merry October, November and December, plan to make this year the best Christmas ever.

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  1. Good for you Ken, I love that Xmas feeling also but not sure I could deal with it year round. Anyway I wish you a Merry Christmas , first one of year! Okay with that out of the way, back Thanksgiving. B