Saturday 11 October 2014

Count Your Blessings

Well, the price of oil is down to about $85 a barrel. Sucks to be an oil company I guess. Sucks to be a government that based their budget on $97 for a barrel oil. It sucks to be a consumer, because the price of gas still hasn’t dropped in relation to the price per barrel. I guess it doesn’t suck to be an oil company, because you are still charging $97 per barrel prices and it only costs $85 a barrel. We should keep in mind that the average barrel of crude oil bought at $85 will still generate about $1500 in product after being refined. The government really doesn’t care because now they have a good reason to renege on those costly election promises. Everyone wins! Well, not the consumer of course.

Yes, I did just watch the news, why do you ask?

We are having our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow, because that way anyone who has two or more dinners to get to this weekend will be able to fit them in. Our Thanksgiving is pretty much the same as the American Thanksgiving, just a little earlier and without the crazy sales. I am pretty sure that we treated our indigenous peoples at least as badly as the Americans did theirs, and it seems that for some reason we continue to do so. They probably should have killed the white man at that first dinner and on sight after that.

We have a lot to give thanks for, good health, good friends, good food, good fortune and pretty good family. I have never been sure just who I am thanking, I suppose it must be God or some primal elemental deity that will ensure good harvests and no blight of any sort. I pretty much just send out a kind of general thanks to the cosmos. I don’t put a lot of pressure on the universe, and don’t expect the universe to put too much pressure on me to perform. I have been asking for a big lotto win recently and in return I have put out this blog which is filled with a lifetime of accumulated knowledge. It is a “fairish” trade, perhaps a little more one sided than it could be, so the universe can just do something else to balance the books.

I’ll do a clean tomorrow and help with the cooking which on Thanksgiving just entails staying the hell out of the way. I get to play with the grandkids, eat too much, do the dishes when the meal is done and at the end of the night, when everyone has gone home, I can eat a little more.

Life is pretty good!

I hope that everyone has a good day tomorrow, free from sadness, illness and hunger. Count your blessings, and give thanks for those who love you in spite of everything they know about you. 

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