Friday 10 October 2014

An Odd Day

It was kind of an odd day today.

The weather was summer like even though it is fall. Fall in Calgary is normally more winter like than summer like. I like fall/summer much more than fall/winter. It makes going for a bike ride much more pleasant. I like to ride along the highway, and every now and then I will pick up a glove, bungee cord, broken cell phone and the odd beer can. I could say that I am doing it to clean up the highway, but I do it for the cash. Every can is worth 10¢ and today I “made” $2.40. That is a coffee and a half.

Even with hundreds of cars whizzing past, there is an aspect of anonymity. I know what it looks like, but since no one knows who I am, what does it matter? I got a call from my daughter tonight, and she was telling me about driving home this afternoon and seeing this poor old guy collecting bottles at the side of the highway. She felt bad for the guy until she saw that it was her father. Then she just thought he was an asshole. I can live with that, I’m an asshole with $2.40 for coffee.

My son and his wife celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary today. Congratulations! My Daughter-in-law celebrated her birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My granddaughter was complimented by half of the indie/rock duo Sara and Teagan. Since they are twins, Tara wasn’t sure which one it was.

My good friend’s daughter, Jamie is celebrating her birthday today as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

My uncle passed away a few days ago and I finally replied to the notification email. It was a hard email to write; I really liked Uncle Jack and have no excuse for not keeping in touch with him or his family. I am a dick I guess.

Yesterday I heard that a long time friend’s marriage is coming to an end, and I spent a part of today thinking about that. Why? I figure once you pass thirty years you should have come to terms with who you are; who she is and your life should be a pretty comfortable fit. It’s a shame and I wish them both well.

Another friend is on his way to Maui to celebrate the wedding of his daughter. I wish them well too. They are having a good start; you can do a lot worse than getting married in paradise. I don’t know the bride very well and I don’t know the groom at all, but if I win the lotto tonight or tomorrow, I will be in Maui for the wedding. Okay, I will go to Maui, but I will just flop on a beach somewhere and if that happens to be the beach they choose to get married on, I will attend. I just ask that if they happen to see a white whale stranded on the beach, make sure he doesn’t have an eReader in his hand before you roll him back into the ocean.

I also hung a chandelier today. I suspected it of cattle rustling and I just can’t abide that kind of behaviour from an inanimate object.

Yep, it was kind of an odd day.

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