Monday 14 June 2021

I Love Being a Canadian

In just six or seven months it will be -30C and there is a very good chance that I will be debating if I should turn the thermostat up one or two degrees and should I wrap another blanket around myself to get to that perfect temperature for not freezing to death. I will spend some of my day in front of the computer watching the waves coming in to some Hawaiian island.


I don’t have to think about that for many months and if I manage to win the Lotto MAX, I just may buy my own Hawaiian Island. I won’t count on that, but maybe the province will make me a millionaire because I got a vaccine. However, since I don’t trust the UCP and any promises that they make, I will just be satisfied with what I have.


I am writing this to complain that I am 60 degrees warmer right here, right now and I don’t like it any more than when it is minus fucking cold. If I take any more clothes off, Louise will charge me with mental and physical abuse. She would be right in doing so.


Listen…if anyone has a hotline to Mother Nature, tell her to cool her jets. I am getting too old to stand in front of the AC all day long. This weather is causing my boobs to sag, my skin to wrinkle and not only am I losing my hair, it is turning grey!


Yeah…yeah…yeah. I love being a Canadian! 

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  1. The weather on the island this spring has been cooler and wetter than normal, but still comfortable enough to go walking etc! B