Tuesday 6 October 2020

You Never Know

I have mentioned before that I am something of a Magpie, if I see something on the ground that interests me or that I can find a use for I will pick it up, put it in my pocket and find a home for it somewhere on my workbench. It isn’t just that I am cheap, I am, but I like to think of it as my small way of keeping the planet clean. Unfortunately, my workbench suffers, but I can live with it.


Most of the stuff I bring home like washers, have a special home in a large yogurt container on the third shelf. Actually, today I moved the washers into a labeled (WASHERS) coffee tin. The plastic tie wraps live in an aluminum tube that once held welding rods I think. I have a few tie wraps in my basement workshop that I straightened using my heat gun. I have lots of time on my hands recently. I figured I should make sure all of my found tie wraps are straight so I went to the garage to get the tube.


The aluminum tube was missing! What? I almost never use those tie wraps, and actually often when I do use them they are so old and brittle that they break. Where did I put them? Hmmmm…


The day before I thought that I really don’t need five claw hammers hanging over the bench. I have a wooden mallet, a rubber mallet a small welding hammer, a small claw hammer and a large claw hammer and that should be enough. I found a box to put the excess hammers in and off they went to storage on a shelf behind a ten pound box of assorted sandpaper. I couldn’t help but notice that the small sledge hammer wasn’t in it’s usual place. Where did that hammer go?


Back to yesterday when I noticed the aluminum tube of tie wraps was missing. I remembered that my mini sledge was missing too. Hmmm… I spent a hour or so looking for the aluminum tube or the sledge in all the likely and unlikely places that either one could have gone but to no avail. There were some things I could do. I could blame Louise for taking the tie wraps for some reason even though she wouldn’t know where I keep them and she really would have no need for the mini sledge. Brendan hasn’t been over lately and besides, he has more than his fair share f hammers and he is the kind of guy that would buy new tie wraps if he needed them.


Of course the only other option is that someone scaled the gate, broke into the garage and then after searching the garage with a flashlight they passed all of the power tools the money in the cars and stole my tube of used tie wraps and a small sledge. I could understand the sledge because it would be handy when breaking into other peoples homes and garages, but the tie wraps, well, that doesn’t make sense.


Two hours later I remembered that I moved the tie wraps to a lower shelf so that I could put a sun shield in the window and the mini sledge…well…I put it on the temporary drill press shelf for some unknown reason.


So, to sum up, no one broke into the garage, I have straightened and sorted the tie wraps according to size and the mini sledge now hangs with the other five must keep out hammers.


I made sure to lock the garage tonight…you never know.

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  1. Eh Ken if you are that bored hop on a plane and come visit me on the island and I'll let you clean my messy workbench!