Sunday 4 October 2020

Neither One Worked

A while ago now I was walking Buster and we came across an empty can of Clamato juice tossed carelessly onto the student parking lot of the local high school.


Clamato Juice!


When I walk through the parking lot I expect to see discarded pens and pencils, fast food wrappers, Tim Horton’s cups, empty cigarette packs, dead lighters, broken ear buds, used condoms, latex gloves and since Covid reared it’s ugly head face masks. I’m surprised that there isn’t a lot of test papers marked with big, red F’s. High school kids can be pigs.


In my day I would have to go out and pick up all the garbage in the school yard as punishment during detention. I guess that would be considered child labour or beneath the kids. I am sure there is some insurance issue that prevents forcing kids to work with garbage. Hell, it is probably a union thing, taking jobs away from the hard working custodians. It could be anything I suppose.


Just a quick look on the internet tells me that clamato juice has been around since 1935. The only thing I know that it is used for is Bloody Mary’s or Bloody Ceasar’s. I guess it is one way to mask the taste of Vodka, but orange juice seems so much more tasteful to me. I hope that it was some underage kid mixing a Bloody Mary in the back seat of a car, but wouldn’t that entail also having a celery stalk or two as well? I can just picture the cashier at the grocery store questioning some kid trying to buy celery on a Friday night.


“Hey kid what you want the celery for?”


“...ahhh…ummm…to eat? It’s really good for you…it has antioxidents, reduces inflammation, helps digestion, is rich in vitamins and…”


“Is it for a school project?”


“Sure…that’s it…it is for a project.”


I can’t picture drinking Clamato juice straight up, but people are weird and seem to be getting weirder all the time. I guess I shouldn’t judge, I smoked banana peels in high school and make a drink of Morning Glory seeds to get an acid like buzz. Before you ask, neither one worked worth a shit.

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  1. I love clamato Caesars with vodka, almost addictive as it's hard not to have second! Did you know that if you use Gin instead of vodka they call it a Geezer, I wouldn't shit you. B