Monday 16 April 2018

Well Shit!

I woke up this morning and it is snowing as hard as or harder than it has all winter. The weather assholes are calling for ten to fifteen centimetres but console us with warm weather for later on in the week.Yea! Oh yeah, and Trump didn’t die or have a blood vessel burst in his brain even though I and millions others prayed for it last night. There is always hope for later on in the week.

As upsetting as the snow is, it is much more acceptable than the freezing rain that is happening in southern Ontario. Stay strong...there is always hope for later on in the week. I just heard that Kelowna BC is expecting up to 30 cms of snow today, usually at this time they are concerned with the tourists coming to visit and when they should pick the fruit off of the trees. Oh, and my asshole friends that live on Vancouver Island have their own problems like are the tulips bigger this year, should I cut the grass two or three times this week and should I wear a light jacket or long sleeve shirt. The struggle continues.

Here we are later on in the day and the snow has stopped, a lot has melted and there is a good chance that warmer weather is on the way. You would think I should be happy and I am. Sort of. My reason to bitch is that we should never have had the snowfall in the first place. No one asked me my opinion on an uncalled for snowfall. Come to think about it, no one ever asks my opinion on anything. Louise sometimes tells me what I think, but that just isn’t the same.

If there is a plus to our spring snowfall is that Arwen and Brendan are vacationing with their families in Cancun and the Bahamas with their families. It is nice when you are someplace warm and a stranger on the beach mentions that there was a snowfall back home. Doesn’t even much matter where home is, it is just nice to hear that you made a good choice in vacations. To add the cherry on top, I had to shovel Brendan’s sidewalk. I sent him a picture of his old man slaving away over a hot shovel. I didn’t do Arwen’s place mainly because it is that much farther and I do have a life.

The dogs are patiently waiting till I go to bed so they can push me and Louise to the edges of the mattress while they take the lion’s share. Last night when I pushed back they gave me the same look I give to a rib eye steak. I might sleep downstairs with the door locked tonight…

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  1. I feel for you poor bastards suffering with all that frigging snow! Lawn is only cut once a week so far, but now that it has been fertilized who knows! Cheer up spring is only a few months away...B