Monday 23 April 2018

Grass Being Green

Well, the whining and bitching can end starting tomorrow. Our wonderful weather forecasters have decreed that we will hit 20°C tomorrow. I will be able to get my pasty white skin out in the sun where it should be.

I will be at a loss for something to complain about, but being an old man I should be able to find something worth spending my opinions on. The world is spinning as it should.

You can tell it is spring because I have seen a couple of robins hanging around the trees. The rhubarb and chives are beginning to sprout. I suppose that if I had planted crocus or tulip bulbs in the fall they would also be sticking their noses up thru the fast thawing soil. I have planted bulbs in the past and all it got me was a couple of fat squirrels. It is possible that the squirrels buried some of my neighbour’s bulbs in the garden, I will check tomorrow.

The real sure sign that spring is here is that Stan and Karen the neighbours across the alley were sitting on the deck in the afternoon sun drinking a couple of beers. His garden is still under a foot or two of snow, but that should be mostly gone by late in the day tomorrow. Life is good.

Well, not so good for some of the towns near rivers, as those rivers are rising over their banks. Some of the towns north of us are in mandatory evacuation situations. Farmers in southern Alberta can’t get onto the land to seed because it is so water logged. I hope it stays warm and dry for a week or three so that they can grow the food I love so much.

The other sure sign of spring is that today I swapped out screen doors to the back yard. We have a nice insulated door to keep the winter cold outside where it belongs that functions from late October till late April. The rest of the year we use a door I made last spring with a doggie door in it so that I don’t have to keep getting up every time someone walks past the house to let Buster out. It gets old very fast and I have suffered months of getting up just in the middle of that exciting scene on my favourite show.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the large pot holes on the road and road gravel putting chips in the front windshield. I have been living with a chip for a while now and will continue to do so until the city sweeps the streets.

I am looking forward to grass being green and having leaves on trees and bushes in a month or two… 

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  1. You Albertans have had enough winter and deserve to see some warmth! B