Wednesday 1 February 2017

Life Is A Circle

I can't put off writing the blog until just before bedtime because I now spend that time watching what the late night shows are saying about Trump.
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I had a blog, but there is no time to write it before the Sandman comes. He can be a real pain in the ass if you aren't at least in bed and trying to fall asleep. He can put the sand in your eye the easy way or the hard way...your choice. I hate it when something gets in my eye.

He kind of reminds me of my dad on the fifth time he came and told us to get to bed. Not a pretty sight and sometimes he would have the "CLOTHES BRUSH" in his hand. Done deal dad! 

Shortly after that is when my brother would start talking about the monster in the closet or under the bed. I was pretty sure there wasn't a monster in the bedroom anywhere, but there was no way I would test my theory. I didn't even take the chance of hanging my foot over the edge of the bed, and I sure as Hell wouldn't call my dad to get rid of the monsters. I would piss myself first. I probably did a few times.
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Funny how talking about my incontinence when I was a kid fits right in with Trump's "Golden Shower". 
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Life is a circle.

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