Friday 3 February 2017

Fat Rat

So, back to the weather roller coaster. We have just had a week of really good winter weather and are now entering minus double digits and snow for the next two or three days. Not a lot of snow and anything under minus twenty is liveable. It is February in Canada after all.
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I know that my friends on Vancouver Island are anxiously watching for the daffodils to start pushing out of the soil. The grass never goes brown and brittle and sometimes the temperature dips below plus ten. Of course when that happens the collective tears start to flow all over the island.

Suck it up buttercups!

In a week or two it will be spring no matter what the fat rat in Punxsutawny says. Shadow or no shadow, my buddy on the island will be walking along the beach with his metal detector working on his rusted bottle cap collection.
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It doesn’t matter what the fat rat says for us here either because we will be expecting snow and cold weather right up till the May 24th long weekend. The real cold weather will have stopped mid to late March, but it will be only the hardiest of tulips that poke out of the still frozen ground here.

I’m not bitter…really. I just don’t understand why my sea faring ancestors from England didn’t jump ship when they hit the Hawaiian Islands. Beautiful weather, half naked people hanging around on beaches all day and if they want a snack they just had to reach up and pull some fruit from a tree or fight off a sea bird for his latest catch. That’s an island!
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They could have jumped ship in San Francisco as well; I know they spent some time there. Mind you I am just as happy that I’m not an American citizen at this point in time. I would be terribly embarrassed by the morons that are running the good old USA now. At least if you are in Hawaii during these turbulent political times, YOU ARE IN HAWAII!!!!!

I think tomorrow is a soup day and maybe I will watch ten or fifteen hours of must see TV wrapped in a blanket. Well, after my Tim’s run of course. It is ROLL-UP-THE-RIM time in Canada.
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  1. Well Ken, it was snowing today on the island and yes it pissed me off! I still went for my daily walk and yes my flip flops got wet, as did my feet. I know all my old friends in Winnipeg and Calgary will be praying for a return to tropical temps for our beloved island. What happened to global warming anyway, oh yeah Mr Trump vetoed it...ahhhhh. B