Sunday 9 October 2016

Winter is Coming

It’s too early for snow…
It’s too early for snow…
It’s too early for snow…
It’s too early for snow…
It’s too early for snow…
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I suppose that I would say that no matter when the snow came. Mind you, sometime around mid December I would be wondering where the snow is and how are we going to have a white Christmas for the kiddies. However, this is not mid December; it is the beginning of October, much too early to be winter. I have come to expect a fifty-fifty chance that we will have sub-zero temperatures on Halloween, but not until then.
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Mother Nature is screwing with us this year. I have a feeling that this year is going to be a deep cold and deep snow kind of winter. Bear in mind that I have rarely managed to predict the weather accurately. I have heard that if the Mountain Ash is heavily loaded with berries then the winter will be long and cold. I guess the reasoning is that nature will provide enough food for the birds to make it through the winter. 
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Good theory. However, as often as not if one Mountain Ash is heavily loaded then the Mountain Ash across the street will have very few berries. I guess that Mother Nature doesn’t like the birds of the north side of a street.

If I am to be honest, it really isn’t that cold and most of the snow has either melted away or is hiding from the sun in sheltered corners. If this weather came in March, I’d be wearing the spring jacket and contemplating going for a bike ride. It is all very subjective and how I feel depends on my mood at any given moment.

Today I say “BRING IT ON!”

Tomorrow I will probably burrow under the covers and tell Louise to come get me when I can wear shorts again.

All I know is that I agree with the people at “Game of Thrones”


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