Saturday 8 October 2016


I had to walk to the store to pick up a couple of lotto tickets this afternoon. Well, I didn’t have to walk and between you and me I could have passed on the lotto tickets since the chance of my winning is about 14,000,000:1.

The reason I choose to walk is that we have a very thick fog and fog is pretty rare around here. We tend to have a pretty dry climate and the conditions are rarely right for fog unless you happen to be a duck floating on a pond the first thing in the morning. Not being a duck, I was pretty excited. Fog is magical! The real world disappears and is replaced by imagination. Brigadoon comes out of the fog, Leprechauns live in the fog and unicorns are born of fog. Fog covers a black and white world with gauze.

I would be okay with Brigadoon and the unicorns, and I just might grab a Leprechaun.  I couldn’t tell if my glasses had fogged over or if the fog was really that thick. I was afraid to cross the road in case a car appeared suddenly. All sound was as muffled as sight. The last time I was in a fog this thick was on Vancouver Island hiking the West Coast Trail. From what I have heard, that section of beach was and is beautiful. I only saw grey and counted myself lucky that I didn’t get turned around or lost.

I have always loved to watch clouds. I imagine all sorts of images that they make as the wind blows them across the pale blue. The Chinook clouds are a welcome respite in the middle of a cold, harsh winter. Rain clouds are welcome…sometimes. There is nothing more gorgeous than how the sun dances over the clouds at sunrise and sunset. Clouds are wonderful.

Not lazy clouds though. Lazy clouds just lie on the ground and don’t do anything constructive at all. Lazy clouds are all fogged up!

The next time I decide to walk to the store in a fog, I just might take someone with me with less imagination. Today it’s entirely possible that I brushed against a unicorn and bought my lotto ticket at a shop in Brigadoon with a dollar I got from a Leprechaun. That has to be lucky doesn’t it? I’m going to say yes.

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