Thursday 4 August 2016

The Tragically Hip

Louise and I went to the Tragically Hip concert last night and it was pretty good.
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The Hip are not my favourite band and to tell the truth I don’t know a lot about them other than hearing a few of their hits that have made it on to my radio stations. The music is more from my kid’s generation than mine and everyone at the concert seemed to have a great time singing and dancing to the music. That is as it should be. If I am being honest, I wouldn’t be a big fan of the music even if it had been from my generation, just a little to “heavy” for my liking.
I go to concerts for the music of course, but also to watch the people. Any time you get several thousand humans together there is bound to be things that are odd to watch. Outside the main doors there were three booths set up selling Tragically Hip t-shirts and other Hip related materials. Two of them were doing a steady business, but the third booth had six or seven lines about fifteen people deep. As far as I could tell, they were selling the same or similar things and if I really cared I would have waited in line or asked someone. I didn’t care enough.
There was one guy that we watched going up and down the stairs about ten times getting beer. He either had a prodigious appetite for fermented beverages or he was trying to get the whole section drunk. I remember back when I was regularly attending concerts the thought of missing even one song to go to the bathroom was heart breaking. I would never have left my seat to go to the concession stand, and I was generally really high and had serious munchies. In defence of the beer guy, I could get high by smoking in my seat and today the high is alcohol related. Times have changed.

There was a lot more comings and going during the concert, but that may have more to do with technology than anything else. Maybe there are screens and speakers in the concourse so than people can spend their money and not miss the show.

The reason we were there is that Louise bought tickets in case my son didn’t get any and she also wanted to see the last tour of the Hip. My son managed to get his own tickets to the Monday night concert and we went to the Wednesday night one. I didn’t know the music well enough and missed a lot of words and as is usual with me, I found the music too loud. I wore ear buds to muffle the sound and I suspect they worked just a little too well.
Of course there is also the fact that Gord Downey has terminal brain cancer. I don’t know if I would be able to do a tour knowing that I was going to die. Part of me thinks yes and the other part thinks no. He is raising money for charity and giving the fans a gift that they will never forget. He has lived a wonderful life and although it will be cut short I doubt that he will have many regrets other than leaving his family far too soon.

I was happy to have been at the concert and shared in the collective joy the audience sent to the stage. 

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