Tuesday 9 August 2016

Christmas Crazy

Well, it is August and that means that Christmas can’t be far away. Sure we have to make it past the Olympics, Labour Day, back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, American Thanksgiving, baseball and football playoffs (Canadian) and of course Black Friday. But, it is just around the corner, a big corner I will grant you, but it is a corner.

Unlike a lot of people, I like to hear Christmas/Holiday music all year long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnvzsZCJjZ0
I always keep some sort of decoration out all year as a reminder not to forget to decorate at the end of November. This year we have a couple of bells hanging in the dining room. There may be some others that just escaped getting packed away last winter, but if bigger is better then more should also be better.

I can do the music easily enough, but it is a little harder to watch Christmas movies. Sure, I have some of the classics on DVD, but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to watch them without snow on the ground or threatening to be on the ground very soon. I could watch those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies that tug on the heart strings and in the end that non-believer manages to find the holiday spirit. I have two or three of them on my PVR, but until today it has been impossible for me to watch them. I watched just about ten minutes of one, Trading Christmas, baby steps I suppose.

The odd thing is that the cable network seems to be thinking like I do and have begun to program the odd Christmas movie. I just finished watching “Crazy For Christmas”.
It just happened to be on and was just daring me to watch. I think it was a double-dog dare, so I had no choice but to watch. I look forward to a smattering of movies in the months to come. Just enough to whet my appetite and then come December I can go Christmas crazy myself.

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