Tuesday 3 November 2020

Orange Asshole

The next few hours will determine the fate of the world. No pressure on the American public at all. I can’t visualize a scenario that would give Donald Trump another four years, but in 2016 I couldn’t visualize a scenario that would elect a bozo like Trump to be president for the first four years. I just don’t trust my reading of the American people.


I have to be honest, I have never really liked the American people. Oh, individually they are fine, caring and thoughtful people that are capable of doing wondrous things. However, as a group they can be total assholes. The ugly American is alive and well and quite possibly be casting a ballot for Trump right now. The USA have done wonderful things and spawned incredible music, movies, literature and scientific marvels. We have to give credit where credit is due, the Americans can move mountains if they are so inclined.


Perhaps I have been disappointed these past few years because the US has collectively withdrawn from being a glowing example to the rest of the world of what could be and what should be.


Once we were hit by the Corona virus, I had hoped that the US would be reminded of their destiny and rise up to help save the world. If not save, then they could and should have set an example of how to react to fight this disease. Of course that didn’t happen because the country is led by selfish, greedy people that will not willing do anything for anyone unless there is a financial or political benefit for them. If this were paper, there would be a teardrop right here ….→


In my world, the drug companies, universities, government think tanks and all of the really smart people should be working together to beat this plague. Once a vaccine is found (and it will be) there should be no expense spared to produce enough for every man woman and child in the world. This could be the human race’s moment of greatness!


Sadly, I think that if there is anyone left this moment will be the point that is recognized as the downfall of our civilization. At least the dinosaurs got to blame a meteor impact. We get to blame an orange asshole.


Have a good night and let’s hope there is a good tomorrow.