Monday 10 February 2020

Roll up the Rim

I suppose that if you live long enough, everything changes. I have lived long enough to be in the midst of change almost constantly. Some things (most) change for the good, some seem to change just because people are ready for a change to anything but what we had. Some change for the worst, and some things that changed for the better will eventually swing back from where they had come from. I don’t particularly like change but change doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass what I like or don’t like.

            If you take the time to read all of my blogs over the years you will find that I mentioned Tim Horton’s coffee shop in 69 of them. In twelve blogs I have mentioned the contest/promotion  they have every year called Roll Up The Rim. You can win cars, bicycles, TV’s and millions of coffees, donuts and other food items that they sell. Well, you can win cars, bicycles and TV’s, but all I have ever won is coffee and donuts. I am a simple man with simple tastes, so I am good with small prizes every now and then. It gives me the feeling that I have been born under a lucky star. Well, until this year.
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            It turns out that since the profits that Tim Horton’s parent company made last year were less than expected (one percent less) the powers that be decided that the Roll Up The Rim promotion was dated and didn’t appeal to the younger generation. I think that means that the younger generation have to take their attention away from their phones and use their thumbs to roll up a rim. I’ve read that one of the programs Tim’s honchos are toying with is an earned point program which can be redeemed for product. It just doesn’t seem that it would be nearly as much fun as the thrill of rim rolling.

            Everything is about profit and increasing that profit every year. You can’t maximise profit if you are giving merchandise away.

            I will survive…probably.

            I don’t know what I am going to do with my “rim roller”, it is a very, very, very specific tool. I guess that now it will become one of those things that the future generations will look at and wonder what it could have been for and why on earth we needed to roll up rims anyways.
 99W6846 - Rimroller, each
            An era has ended and for me a little joy has left the world. I can still get paper cups somewhere and whenever I feel the urge I will just Roll up the Rim and give myself a coffee.  

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  1. My friend from Calgary finally speaks again thank Christ! Yes the times are a changing(that would be a great song) anyway it must be time to switch coffee shops since they are no longer Canadian! B