Tuesday 31 October 2017

Dogs Don’t Suck, They Lick

Dogs don’t suck, they lick.

Now, I know that some will have looked at the heading and become intrigued, thinking that they were about to read about bestiality. Not today Brian, sorry.

No, I have actually been thinking about the way that dogs drink and why they drink the way they do. I read an article a while back that described and illustrated just how dogs managed to get water. It seems that the tongue of a dog will curl into a cup shape and pull the water into its mouth that way. I know that Buster drinks better when his bowl is full of cool, clean water. He has gotten used to drinking from a half full bowl that has too much dog spit in it. I forget sometimes. Sue me!

Buster isn’t one of those dogs that will take a drink from convenient puddles while we are walking, preferring to wait until we get home. I have never tested him to see if he would drink from a dirty puddle by keeping him away from home for an extended period. I would like to, but I think that would border on animal cruelty rather than scientific curiosity. No sense going to court for no good reason.

You would think that since evolution gave dogs more or less pointy faces they would have developed the ability to suck. I mean, they don’t have thumbs so they are unable to grab a cup like we do. Dogs are colour blind and they have an incredible sense of smell which would be unpleasant more often than beneficial. I thought that God would have given the dog people a break with the sucking thing.
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My buddy has a dog that is getting very old and has built a stand for her food and drink so that she doesn’t have to bend over for nourishment. I guess she sometimes chokes a little while eating. I’d choke too if I had to eat dog food, but that is a taste issue. The way I look at it is that when Buster starts making some money then he can buy whatever fancy ass food he wants. Until that time, he gets to eat the fifteen kilo bag of hard, smelly, nutritious bits of simulated liver and chicken. Mmmmmm….
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Unlike Buster, I have quenched my thirst in a dirty, brackish pool of tepid water. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have a dog’s sense of smell. I wouldn’t mind having a tongue that would curl into a cup though.

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