Thursday 11 February 2016


It is odd the way my mind works, I know that for every second that passes I am getting just a smidge older. I don’t feel any older than I have for most of my life, but when I look in the mirror and an older gentleman looks out from the other side of the looking glass, it becomes all too apparent.

My oldest daughter is celebrating a birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Gone are the days when I was involved in planning a party, buying gifts, making a cake or doing my signature birthday posters. To tell the truth, Louise did most of the planning, baking and buying of gifts, but the posters were all mine. Never once when she was eating cake or popping balloons did I think about getting older. I was too busy having fun and doing my best to make her life as good as I possibly could.

I know there were times that I made her cry and times that she made me cry, but for the most part there has always been love between us. When she was a little girl and fell off of her bike I could pick her up, give a hug, kiss her boo-boo better and hand her off to mom. The older she got the less able I was to make her feel better. Some problems can’t be solved with a large Slurpee from 7-11.

The one thing she has always done is to make me proud to have been a part of her life. Now, she has allowed me to spend time with the two most wonderful grandsons in the world. I should apologize in advance for the damage they will cause with some of the things I have already shown them and as well as for some of the things I will show them in the future.

Anyways, I hope that you had a happy birthday today…love

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